Who We Are

Expert Outsiders

Expert Outsiders helps organizations “widen their lens” to see and understand their business environment and business models in ways not taught in business school. We do this by helping organizations establish an ambidextrous infrastructure where right-brain outsiders collaborate with left-brain insiders. Ambidextrous infrastructures promote vision, innovation, engagement, productivity, and ultimately, profitability.

We help clients develop their ambidextrous infrastructure by working closely with leadership and engaging with managers and employees across the organization. Our work takes many forms, including innovation labs, roundtables, and skunk works that lead to actionable strategies to meet organizational objectives. Expert Outsiders also provides coaching, advising, and consulting services as needed.

Corporate clients include the John Templeton Foundation, Mars Corporation, Harbor Retirement Associates, Charter Financial Group, DEMDACO, Daintree Advisors, LifeCell, and Two Cities Gallery (Shanghai). Educational clients include the United States Naval Academy.

Expert Outsiders was co-founded by Mike Metzger and Glenn Bryan to help organizations manage their rapidly changing business markets, increased need for innovation, changing work force, and increasing demand that businesses be more socially responsible.

Businesses in the 21st century are being challenged to “widen their lens” to see and understand that there is a new model of business evolving that builds on an ambidextrous infrastructure.


Dr. Michael W. Metzger

Mike Metzger is considered a leader in reframing organizational problems. The need to reframe is based on the idea that you can’t solve a problem inside the system, or frame, that created it. That’s not original with Expert Outsiders. Einstein essentially said this. Organizations have to go outside their frame of reference, reframing a problem to discover innovative solutions.

Metzger has over 40 years of experience in providing a right-brain intuitive perspective to organizational leaders and has provided outside advice for over 100 companies and organizations. As an expert outsider, he enjoys a reputation of successfully widening the lens of many company insiders.

Glenn Bryan 4

Dr. Glenn A. Bryan

Glenn Bryan works with senior executives to provide an outside and independent perspective of a firm’s market, strategic position, and operational approach. Success in today’s globally competitive market requires that firms be adaptable and flexible in their strategic and operational planning. At times, having a trusted outside advisor is invaluable. His goal is to empower leaders to not only achieve high-performance metrics but to do so while building strong and sustainable firms.

Bryan is a cofounder of Expert Outsiders as well as an Associate Professor of Business Administration at Ohio Wesleyan University where he teaches corporate strategy, marketing, and leadership to the next generation of business leaders.  He is also the founder of GrowthMatrix, Inc. providing strategic leadership and management development to growing firms through market-driven strategy design, management advising, and executive coaching.